Logo - The Story Behind

The Live - Canon :  ( Be Always - On) 

Frankly speaking, it was not our first choice, or second or even third. After brand conceptualization, it took us nearly 3 to 4 months to figure out exactly what kind of logo would convey, what we want to say or would be saying. Something that the community could be able to relate with or atleast we could make-them relate to.

We needed something having an ancient or historical element to it, something showing power and intense activity at the same time. 

Ambedkari's slogan - Be Always - On, fits perfectly with the always active - firing canon - which never sleeps, never fades out, never runs out of ammunition. It's Always - On. 

And that's how we want ourselves an everyone to be - no matter what and where, always 'On' with life. And that's what Ambedkari stands to inspire.




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